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Build sustainable markets

Flowdesk provides a crypto-trading infrastructure to ensure global coverage of token-issuers needs through innovative market-making and crypto-financial products.


Efficient & Proven

With 2 years of track records in various market conditions, we have proven crypto needs more than just a conventional approach.


Compliant & Transparent

At Flowdesk, we never trade against you, and we always work in your best interest.
This is more than just words, we are registered, compliant and we have put all the procedures and conflict of interests policies in place to guarantee it.


Performant & Scalable

Our infrastructure is built from the ground up with a unique and common stack. We are cloud native and global, running operations at scale for you.

→You are in full control

→You are in full control

→You are in full control

Discover Market-making as a Service

An innovative approach

Simply better

Flowdesk offers the opportunity to build up your own liquidity and manage it actively with our technology.
We run adaptable trading strategies based on the market conditions, your KPIs and trading venues requirements.
You remain in control of the liquidity you put in the books at all times.

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At Flowdesk, we believe that transparency and compliance is the key to ensure Web3 Finance adoption.
Registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider with the AMF, Flowdesk ensures best-in-class security measures and procedures to protect its counterparties.
Neither Flowdesk nor its employees are allowed to trade clients’ tokens. We enforce this with stringent conflict of interests policies.

We are the trustable partner you can grow with.

Cost efficient

When factoring all costs, Flowdesk slashes down the price to operate secondary markets. We have built the technology to run markets globally without making any sacrifice.
Market-making as a Service is the perfect option to keep trading profits under control.
Your capital, your strategy, your P&L.

Scale your trading

We’ve built industry-leading technologies to easily run your trading operations over 70+ exchanges.
Thanks to a cloud native and scalable in-house infrastructure, deploying market-making feeds across exchanges is a matter of minutes. From bootstrapping liquidity in the early days of trading to expanding on multiple venues globally, we are ready to scale with you at all stages.

Engineering the financial institutions of tomorrow.
Through crypto.

We’re building an all-in-one platform for your crypto business.

Because crypto financial needs go beyond market-making, we are building the different blocks to connect the actors and services into a single hub.
We are combining our client-centric approach and algorithmic trading infrastructure to bring a new kind of market-access platform; with compliance, scalability, and efficiency at the heart of everything we do.

We are the lifelong partner that will be on your side at every step of the journey.



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