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Our low-latency infrastructure combined with proprietary liquidity models allows seamless market-making across 70+ exchanges for our clients.

Custody Services

To easily access all of Flowdesk services, we are securing our clients assets through the use of Fireblock's MPC technology.


Our liquidity pool combines multiple exchanges, external liquidity providers and custom made best execution algorithms, ensuring the most competitive costs for our business partners.

Market Data

Because the market is fragmented, we aggregate more than 100,000 data points per second to recompose custom orderbooks in no time.

Proprietary Market-Making Infrastructure

An agile and innovative infrastructure for market-making and trading execution.

To accurately address your needs, we have built a custom infrastructure from data aggregation to trade execution, including risk monitoring, reporting and data analysis.

Because the markets are only emerging and in constant evolution, it is built at scale, for scale, using the latest cloud technologies.

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Flowdesk's Deep Liquidity

Innovative crypto liquidity pool making trading simple and cost-efficient

We offer a cross-exchange/asset liquidity pool, guaranteeing the best execution for your orders.

Liquidating assets is now easier than ever, without worrying about exchanges fees, execution and post-trade settlement.

You can now access this service for your crypto brokering needs and get a smoother experience while only paying a fraction of what it would traditionally cost.

Execution Price as function of Order Size
BTC Mid-Price
Net Price

Flowdesk's Ecosystem

We are building an ecosystem with our partners to better tackle the challenges of bringing trust and quality to the digitalized markets. With Flowdesk, we have gathered industry actors to support us in our mission.




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