and crypto.

↳Our DNA is made up of three separate strands

Flowdesk is a globally-based financial technology company with offices in Paris and Singapore.

Founded in 2020, Flowdesk combines significant experience from traditional markets with acute knowledge of algorithmic trading and crypto. We have developed a trading infrastructure which integrates more than 70 centralized and decentralized exchanges. We’ve combined this technology to our expertise to bring the best of crypto finance to our clients, always putting their interests firsts.

Flowdesk provides a wide range of digital assets services such as market-making, custody, brokerage and treasury management. Flowdesk is made by unique individuals who are technologist, innovation driven and convinced by the positive impacts crypto will have on the world. We are putting impact at the heart of everything we do, with the highest level of compliance and ethics.

Our Vision

The future of finance is tokenized

Web3 introduced a new paradigm where value can be digitized and owned, transferred, or exchanged.
↳ Our contribution is to build technologies to support it.

Utility and governance tokens are the tip of the iceberg.

We are heading towards a world where financial, virtual, and physical assets will be tokenized and exchanged through blockchain networks.

To support this exponential growth of cryptocurrency asset population, we have to reinvent financial technologies. We need to make them scalable, agnostic to counter-parties, inclusive of all underlying, while being transparent and traceable.

Good willingness will not be enough relative to the wave of opportunistic and greedy actors. Regulators will want to understand, control and operate and we need to maintain the highest level of ethics while pushing the regulation to embrace this new technology.

Our Mission

Transforming the crypto financial industry by bringing more transparency and control to token issuers over their financial needs.

Innovative icon

This is the only way we can bring the next one million digital assets to the space and lead web3 to mass adoption. To do this, we are developing a comprehensive infrastructure connecting centralized exchanges, blockchains, custodian and third party services providers.

Our Ambition

Showing the way for a new type of crypto-financial enablers.


Covering all financials needs with technology and innovative products for those who work with crypto.


Global, at your service and on your side. Leading the way in compliance, regulation and work ethics.


Pushing crypto forward. We are convinced web3 is a major innovation and we want to be leaders in creating open-source and non-custodial technologies.

Our Values & Culture

We aim to lead with clarity, care, agility and coherence.


Transparency &

We’re transparent, regulated and trustworthy financial partners. We want to raise the bar on clarity and integrity for the benefit of the entire crypto-ecosystem.


Dedication &

We take pride in doing good work. But we are even more satisfied when empowering our clients to achieve their goals. Whether by creating value or bringing resilience to your business, we are at the service of your ambitions.


Agility &

Agility is the cornerstone of our company culture. We don’t adapt to change, we drive change. We take initiative, learn through iteration and constantly strive to improve and evolve.


Ambition &

We’re ambitious but rational. We have great plans for the future of crypto but we know they are worthless without a rigorous execution strategy and a solid work ethic. We can work fast but we also know the importance of delivering outstanding results from day one.

Meet the team

The flowdesk team is a group of ambitious, talented and brillant individuals who are on a mission to build the crypto-economy of the future.

Crypto is diversified, and so is the team we are building. From traditional-finance veterans to crypto geniuses, the future of finance is built from a mixed strains of global talents.

We have great plans for our company but also great responsibilities towards our team members. Whether flowdesk is a major milestone or a small step on their personal journey, we want each of our team members’ to grow on a personal level. On simpler words, our collaborators' comfort and happiness are our top priority.

We want to spur each individual to accomplish great things and we foster the work culture to do so. We consider our team as an ecosystem that thrives through bringing together people that feel involved, connected, considered and empowered to deliver their full potential.



Co-founder - CEO


Co-founder - COO

François CLUZEAU

Co-founder - Head of Trading


CEO Asia

Anne-Sophie CISSEY

Head of Legal

Tony SOK

Head of Engineering


Head of Sales