Finance is evolving

At Flowdesk, we have one goal in mind: Providing a secure and compliant gateway for the digitalized markets.

We believe that the future of finance will mix traditional and decentralized assets, and we have the passion to bring this vision forward.

About Us

Flowdesk unites digital assets talents for the digitalized markets.

Flowdesk was founded by a team passionate about digital assets and working since 2017 in the cryptocurrency space.

Coming from banking, legal, engineering, algorithmic trading and entrepreneurship backgrounds, the founders all share a passion for technology and cryptocurrency finance. While interacting daily with trading venues, we were concerned by the shortcomings we were encountering and the lack of trading infrastructure suited for institutional-grade trading.

We believe that traditional and decentralized finance will be deeply linked in the years to come, and Flowdesk will provide the regulated gateway.

Operational Transparency

Achieving the highest standards of regulatory compliancy is our priority.

More than ever, being regulatory compliant is mandatory to ensure trust and guarantee transactional transparency.
We have put in place stringent regulatory and operational measures to ensure our clients security when trading on digital asset markets.

This includes retreiving and long-term storage of conversations and transactions for easier external audit.
We are also relying on multiple custom solutions and certified third parties for funds custody, AML and KYC procedures.

Flowdesk is registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider (DASP)  from the french regulator AMF (Authorités des Marchés Financiers) under number E2021-019.

KYC/AML Verification


Long-Term Auditable Storage

Storing these large amount of data would have been very complex in the past, notably because of

Digital Asset Service Provider license

Algorithmic trading remains about speed before anything else. To this extent, processed data needs

In process

Sharing Our Culture And Knowledge

We believe that knowledge should be shared.

By developing and maintaining an open-source cryptocurrency project, the team has always in mind to share knowledge and skills to help furthering the digital asset ecosystem.

At Flowdesk, we are comitted to helping the current and next generation of digital asset talents by providing and organizing courses, conferences and engaging meetings.

We also plan on providing market and data analysis directly accessible on our website to help you get a deeper understanding.

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We Are Hiring

We are looking for talented people to help tackle the challenges of the digital asset ecosystem.

At Flowdesk, we offer an open and thriving work environment with a smart and engaging team, and a unique opportunity to be part of the future of the digitalized markets and decentralized finance.

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Sales Representative

Full-time (CDI)

We are looking for a dynamic and proactive sales professional experienced in Finance and/or Banking to help Flowdesk reach new potential customers and build lasting client relationships. The sales representative will be responsible for developing new sales channels, creating new business opportunities and building processes for acquisition. You will also have to establish, develop and maintain positive business and customer relationships, as well as develop and integrate sales management tools.

Lead Dev

Full-time (CDI)

We are looking for a lead dev and potential CTO to help support the growth of our market-making infrastructure with the latest cloud and deployment technologies. Your mission will be to manage and build the tech team while improving the infrastructure’s reliability and performance, enhancing our data acquisition channels, solving incoming issues and integrating new technical/financial microservices.

Back-end Developer

Full-time (CDI)

We are looking for a backend developer to join our tech team and support the growth of our market-making infrastructure with the latest cloud and deployment technologies. Your mission will be to improve the infrastructure’s reliability and performance, enhance our data acquisition channels, solve incoming issues and integrate new technical/financial microservices.

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