One step ahead in compliance.

Offering institutional-grade compliance for all crypto issuers.

Flowdesk offers a comprehensive compliance framework with a single goal in mind: support our clients’ and partners’ businesses while keeping them safe.


Compliance as a core driver

Flowdesk is part of a global movement aiming to make digital asset markets more transparent and compliant. Higher legal and business standards are essential for mass adoption of blockchain technology and to better serve crypto issuers. France has the most developed crypto regulatory regime in Europe today.
Flowdesk is the first market maker registered as a Digital Asset Service Provider with the Financial Markets Authority of France, l’Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF). We take pride in collaborating with authorities on our mission to legitimize the industry.


Compliance powered by technology

In a world where the number and complexity of transactions are exponentially growing, blockchain offers a better approach to traceability and transparency.
Complying with Know-Your-Customer, Know-Your-Business, Know-Your-Transaction, and Anti-Money Laundering policies is mandatory. Flowdesk goes the extra mile and uses innovative tools to remain future-ready by design. On our mission to guarantee safe, seamless, and transparent transactions, we only partner with the best service providers.


Transparent relationships

Flowdesk goes beyond its regulatory obligations and provides an even higher standard of transparency and client protection. We have implemented institutional-grade policies to prevent market abuses and conflicts of interest both within and outside of Flowdesk’s organization. We do this to protect our clients and lead the industry by example. Compliance is at the heart of Flowdesk’s values. All employees commit to the highest ethical standards in business and life.


Better business

Compliance is not an obstacle, but an accelerator to do impactful business in the blockchain ecosystem. To support the creation of better legal and business frameworks and maximize our impact, we also share our expertise with regulators and law enforcement officials. This helps us offer healthier, more sustainable business relationships.
Flowdesk firmly believes that compliance is the keystone for bridging crypto and traditional finance: the path for a better financial future for everyone. We are constantly striving for safer, fairer, and user-centric regulation and compliance for all our clients and partners.