Our custody removes the complexity of dealing with digital assets and puts security first

Access deep liquidity and competitive prices for Crypto to Crypto and Crypto to Fiat settlements through a regulated counterparty.

Access the best-in-class custody offer, let us manage the complexity

As a regulated custodian, Flowdesk collaborates with multiple custodian service leaders ensuring that we cover the full crypto and technology spectrum. We offer the highest security standards and manage the complexity of moving around digital assets for you

Secure custody

We ensure industry-leading safeguarding of our clients' digital assets thanks to our integrations with secured third-party custodians

The best technologies that suit your needs

We use a combination of MPC and HSM wallets to make sure we use the most efficient and secure technology to actively trade on DEXs & CEXs and to safely store your assets

Regulated for compliant operations

As a regulated entity, Flowdesk can provide regulated operations in digital assets custody under the strictest approved processes validated by the regulator

We are connected to more than 100 exchanges

Blockchain coverage