Maintaining fair markets across global exchanges.

Providing highly efficient brokerage solutions and our proprietary market-making to harmonise price and liquidity across digital asset platforms.

Creating the liquidity

Providing liquidity 24/7 is a complex task. Particularly in the digital assets world, where each underlyings has its own characteristics and markets dynamics.

To answer this, we have built customizable liquidity algorithms that adapt to most scenarios and markets structure.

For our trading activities, we compute on average 2 billion liquidity distributions per day, guaranteeing the liquidity is always accurate.

Over the last months, these algorithms have proven their ability to work under various market regimes with resilience and efficience.

Risk Management

As the number of counterparty increase at each new integration, one of the biggest challenge in customized market-making is the control of risks.

High-Frequency Monitoring

Our risk management systems check multiple times per second against all our risk-related metrics and can switch trading operation and strategy into save haven in a matter of milliseconds.

Minimizing Counterparty Risks

Risks also rest on the counterparty's shoulder.
To optimize collateral allocation and minimize the counterparty risk, we have partnered with Copper ClearLoop™ cutting-hedge solution.

Strict Reporting

Stringent operational measures with periodic reporting, collateral consumption analysis to satisfy our clients risks target.

Powered by Flowdesk's Proprietary Infrastructure

Market-making infrastructre tailored for digital assets.

To accurately address our needs for performance, scalability and efficiency, we had to build an new kind of trading infrastructure tailored for digital assets.

This means building the interconnectivity to dozens of exchanges and optimizing every step of the process to achieve record latency.

Because our needs are constantly evolving and tightly linked to the volatility of the markets, it is designed to automatically scale based on client's workload and our proprietary activities.

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Connected to all major exchange platforms

Flowdesk covers 70+ of the top digital asset exchange platforms including:


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