Improving trust in crypto market making.

Aligned incentives, full transparency.

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Market Making as a Service has been designed to improve trust, control, and fairness in the curent market making landscape.

Flowdesk is working with projects, exchanges, DAOs, and foundations to enhance the liquidity of their tokens.

Clients can use our low-latency trading infrastructure and leverage our algorithms and team of traders to manage liquidity on centralized and decentralized exchanges. They use their own capital and keep ownership of the liquidity.

The model offers more control and eliminates any conflicts of interest.

An innovative approach to market making

How it compares with the traditional market making solutions

Loan / call option model
MMAAS - Retainer
Inventory for market-making activities
Client loans tokens to Flowdesk with a call option. Flowdesk provides liquidity for the quote currency
Client uses its own inventory of native tokens and quote currency to trade with Flowdesk's infrastructure.
Revenue model
Loan / call option
Designation of Strategy 
Flowdesk sets the strategy
Token Issuer sets the strategy

Build liquid and efficient markets

Reducing the costs to traders

Flowdesk tightens bid-ask spreads around the spot price to facilitate trading at a fair price, hence reducing the costs to traders

Adjusted Automatically

Our algorithms constantly renew orders around the mid price to incentivize traders to execute larger trades. The liquidity distribution is adjusted automatically to optimize client's market making

Prices are harmonized

Prices are harmonized across exchanges, capturing eventual arbitrages across centralized and decentralized exchanges

Our infrastructure allows our clients to manages liquidity on both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Our algorithms can adjust market making strategies on CLOB / DLOB and concentrated liquidity AMM.

Trading strategies on CEX and DEX

Trust through transparency.
Unrivalled real-time trading and liquidity metrics
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