Company updates
September 8, 2022

Flowdesk Partners with Google Cloud

We at Flowdesk are dedicated to delivering fast, secure, and compliant solutions. By partnering with Google Cloud, we have leveraged its global network to scale easily while ensuring data security and low latencies. This collaboration has enabled faster analytics delivery through Looker and a flexible microservices infrastructure with improved uptime. The utilization of Google Kubernetes Engine optimizes platform performance globally, while Cloud Key Management Service ensures the secure storage of client cryptocurrency data.

Flowdesk chose Google Cloud's scalable global infrastructure to bridge traditional and crypto finance, driven by the need for low-latency trading and robust self-service capabilities. The sustainable energy practices and industry-leading Kubernetes environment of Google Cloud align perfectly with our requirements. Key platform operations run on Google Kubernetes Engine, ensuring secure data storage and efficient processing. BigQuery handles billions of data points daily, while Looker enables data visualization and reporting.

The implementation of Google Cloud has significantly improved Flowdesk's infrastructure reliability, reduced costs, and increased customer satisfaction. Flowdesk successfully maintained low-latency times while scaling up, achieving an uptime of 99.9%. The cost per market-making feed has considerably decreased, optimizing financial operations.

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Looking ahead, we are planning to further minimize latency times using Google Cloud's multi-region network and explore additional use cases for Looker. Our commitment to innovation and client-centric solutions positions Flowdesk as a prominent player in the crypto market, supporting the growth and success of its clients in the digital asset ecosystem.