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Flowdesk Partners with OrBit Markets

June 28, 2023

Token issuers are facing growing challenges such as lack of diversification, vulnerability to market downturns, and low productivity of native tokens. To address these issues, Flowdesk is joining forces with OrBit Markets to expanding our offerings with enhanced treasury management solutions.

The partnership between OrBit and Flowdesk will empower token issuers with an integrated suite of services including liquidity management, custody solutions, hedging strategies, and yield enhancement strategies. By combining Flowdesk's expertise in liquidity management with OrBit's experience in structuring and financial engineering, token issuers will have access to the best-in-class treasury solutions.

Caroline Mauron, the Co-founder and CEO of OrBit Markets said that

"we are thrilled to partner with Flowdesk to provide token issuers with best-in-class treasury solutions. With Flowdesk's expertise in liquidity management, combined with OrBit's experience in structuring and financial engineering, token issuers can now access the best of both worlds."

Flowdesk Co-founder and CEO Guilhem Chaumont also emphasized the significance of this partnership, saying that

"We are excited to partner with OrBit to provide token issuers with a comprehensive suite of services that is unmatched in the industry. We are confident that our combined offerings will help token issuers better manage their treasuries and grow more sustainably."

By leveraging the strengths and capabilities of both companies, Flowdesk and OrBit Markets aim to support the responsible growth of token issuers in the evolving blockchain landscape. This strategic partnership represents a significant step towards building sustainable markets on the blockchain and unlocking new financial opportunities.