Company updates
September 28, 2022

Flowdesk Partners with Pyth Network

Flowdesk is announcing its partnership with Pyth Network, a platform focused on delivering reliable on-chain market data. Through this collaboration, Flowdesk will leverage its trading infrastructure to offer real-time institutional quality market data to Pyth's oracle tool. This will benefit DeFi users and developers seeking access to accurate and trustworthy market information.

By joining forces with Pyth, Flowdesk aims to enhance the accessibility and availability of institutional-grade market data for the DeFi ecosystem. 

“This aligns with our mission to bring the best of crypto finance to our clients, always putting their interests first, with the highest level of transparency, compliance and ethics,”

Flowdesk CEO Guilhem Chaumont said.

Pyth operates a network comprising over 65 trading firms, market makers, and exchanges that publish data directly on-chain. This data is then aggregated and made accessible to both on– and off-chain users. With nearly 90 price feeds across various asset classes, Pyth's extensive data offerings will soon be accessible on multiple blockchains through the Wormhole cross-chain messaging protocol.

The collaboration between Flowdesk and Pyth attests the companies' shared vision of advancing DeFi infrastructure. Flowdesk's expertise in trading infrastructure, particularly within the crypto space, makes them an ideal partner for Pyth as it continues to solidify its position as a critical component of the DeFi ecosystem.

“Flowdesk has established itself as a top player in trading infrastructure, particularly for crypto, which makes them a fantastic partner for Pyth, a project we believe to be at the core of DeFi infrastructure going forward,”

said Stephen Kaminsky, special projects at Jump Crypto. The collaboration will deliver valuable market data solutions that will empower DeFi users and developers.

With its dedication to providing institutional-quality market data and its commitment to the development of the DeFi ecosystem, Flowdesk is well-positioned to contribute to the advancement and accessibility of reliable markets for DeFi users and developers. The partnership with Pyth marks another milestone in Flowdesk's journey towards building sustainable markets.