Company updates
May 31, 2023

Flowdesk Partners with Redis to Improve Network

Flowdesk hosts its technology infrastructure in Google Cloud. Redis Enterprise is a key component of a software environment that relies on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), a managed Kubernetes service for containers and container clusters, in conjunction with a BigQuery data lake for reporting and analytics.

  • Challenge: Flowdesk needs to facilitate sub-second access to order books that store financial data across the globe. This requires a high-availability, low-maintenance database service that integrates with the Google Cloud ecosystem, supports Terraform, and enables VPC peering.
  • Solution: Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud maintains client trading sessions by caching data about orders, prices, and market movements while Active-Active Redis simplifies data storing and sharing across geographic regions.
  • Benefits: using Redis Enterprise on Google Cloud, Flowdesk’s global financial infrastructure executes more than 1 million orders per day with sub-millisecond latency and zero downtime.
Julien TOCCI, CTO of Flowdesk
“Flowdesk chose Redis Enterprise Cloud because of its potential to sustain our growth. We haven’t been disappointed because we’ve been able to scale our services very economically. With other database options, there’s a tendency to overscale, which costs more money.” – Julien Tocci, Head of Infrastructure at Flowdesk

Read more about how Flowdesk and Redis work together in this case study.