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December 6, 2023

Flowdesk Provides Market Making of Societe Generale - FORGE’s Euro Stablecoin EURCV

Flowdesk, a leading digital asset market maker, will provide liquidity for EUR and USDT pairs for the first euro stablecoin deployed on a public blockchain by Societe Generale - FORGE, a fully integrated and regulated subsidiary of a European bank.

6 December 2023 - Flowdesk, a leader in digital asset market making, has been appointed by Societe Generale – FORGE (SG-FORGE), a subsidiary of European bank Societe Generale, to market make the EUR CoinVertible (EURCV), the first stablecoin backed by a European regulated financial institution. Institutional clients will be able to use EURCV for on-chain transactions and as collateral. 

We are thrilled to partner with SG-FORGE as a designated market maker, a pivotal role in realizing our shared vision of a tokenized financial future. Looking ahead as we approach 2024, we envision a transformative impact where compliant blockchain-based operations by institutions will drastically increase in volume - and this is what we have been preparing since the inception of Flowdesk 3 years ago,” says Guilhem Chaumont, CEO and Co-Founder of Flowdesk

EURCV is designed to provide EU-wide uniform market standards for crypto-assets. EURCV’s ambition is to become a robust settlement and store-of-value asset for on-chain transactions of listed and non-listed security tokens, and on-chain collateral that will be used for the liquidity needs of institutions. It adheres to SG’s existing compliance procedures including Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering / Countering Financing of Terrorism (AML-CFT). This collaboration demonstrates that European-based institutions like Flowdesk and SG-FORGE are adhering to AML-CFT and KYC requirements to provide customers with safe and reliable financial solutions.

Flowdesk will be responsible for providing liquidity for the EURCV-EUR, EURCV-USDT pairs on Bitstamp and any additional trading venues, and will be one of the few whitelisted parties by SG-FORGE to subscribe and sell-back EURCV.

“We are excited to deliver innovative solutions to our institutional clients which can only be achieved by collaborating with parties that share our long-term vision and quality of services. Flowdesk has demonstrated these qualities. We look forward to our collaboration to help bridge the gap between capital markets and digital assets, in line with banking, legal, and regulatory standards,” says Jean-Marc Stenger, CEO of SG-FORGE.

While the US Dollar has global dominance, the European region has a stronger reliance on its local currency. This creates a supportive environment for a strong European stablecoin to thrive and become a credible alternative to USD stablecoins.

About Flowdesk

Flowdesk is the leading Market Making as a Service (MMaaS) technology provider. MMaaS offers a new approach to managing liquidity on secondary markets. Crypto projects, exchanges and institutions can manage their own liquidity using Flowdesk’s MMaaS infrastructure and its trading team’s global coverage. Flowdesk also gives access to OTC and treasury management services.

Founded in 2020, Flowdesk is based in France with offices in Singapore, the US and Canada, guaranteeing global operational coverage.

Flowdesk’s ambition is to become the market leader in infrastructure provision for trading and financial services in digital assets. Flowdesk has a strong conviction that the next wave of tokenization will, on one hand, significantly raise the number of tokens, including securities and real-world assets and, on the other hand, it will exponentially increase the number of market-making streams. All these require a radically new, scalable approach to market-making, resolving the issues of proprietary market-making which is today’s dominant model. To fulfil this vision, Flowdesk is at the forefront of legal compliance. It has obtained a Digital Asset Service Provider registration in France and is pending regulatory approval in other jurisdictions.

About Societe Generale-FORGE

Societe Generale-FORGE, a fully integrated and regulated subsidiary of Societe Generale Group, is licensed as an investment firm and authorized to provide MiFID 2 investment services under the supervision of the ‘Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution’ (ACPR) and under the control of the AMF and is registered and licensed as a DASP (PSAN) by the AMF. Societe Generale-FORGE has built an open, secure and institutional-grade platform for digital assets operations, underpinned by full banking level safety and regulatory compliance. The solutions and digital assets developed by SG-FORGE comply with the CAST open-source interoperability and securitization framework. For more information, visit and